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We manufacture fully automatic batch type centrifugals machine which are very much suitable for handling of white and raw sugar massecuite produced in the sugar industry. Our fully automatic batch type centrifugals machine meets any international standard because we take special measure in every steps of manufacturing process of the machine.


Our CB-650, CB-750, CB-1000, CB-1250, CB-1500 & CB-1750 automatic batch type centrifugals machine is highly sophisticated machine developed by specialist to allow safe and efficient operations. An easy installation and little maintenance requirement contribute to the reduction of operating cost.

The feeding system which consists of variable butterfly valve a feed duct and charging flap delivers the massecuite to the vertically adjustable distribution plate inside the basket, providing for the uniform distribution of the massecuite.

The basket is made of high strength stainless providing a very high resistance to stress corrosion cracking and especially to chlorine ions. The basket dia to height ration is kept ideal for smooth operation. A special design of plough is made so that maximum cycle can be obtained.

The control hardware consists of standard program. This system is easy to operate and actuation of all the functions by electro pneumatic valves simple compressed air.

The capacities of our fully automatic batch type centrifugals machine are 650kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1250kg, 1500kg & 1750kg

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