Our workmanship and quality is exactly as per OEM standards.



Creative, always give high importance during manufacturing of continuous centrifugals machine in order to safeguard the high quality of international standard right from the manufacturing of each and every individual components and up to commissioning performed by Creative Engineers.


Our CK -850, CK-1100, CK-1300 & CK-1500 Continuous Centrifugal Machine is highly sophisticated machine developed by specialist to allow safe and efficient operations. An easy installation and little maintenance requirement contribute to the reduction of operating cost.

Continuous Centrifugal Machine is of vertical type. Its basket is driven from below through balanced tension V belt transmission by an external AC motor. The totally enclosed housing and feeding system prevent ingress of cold air and so improve the separation process especially during the centrifugations of high viscous massecuites. The automatic massecuite feed control system can be provided as per customer’s needs. All components are supplied in stainless of high tensile strength resistance to stress corrosion or as per customers needs.

Special rubber buffer are favorably located at centers of gravity of all rotating components in respect to the assembly and V belt tension balancing device.

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